[METIP #11] MetricsDAO and Data Providers


METIP#: #11

Title: Paid Engagements with Data Providers

Author(s): danner.eth, catjam

Type: Social

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Short Summary:

In 2021 and 2022, MetricsDAO refused any financial engagement from data providers. As MetricsDAO has grown and is being asked for more complicated requests at higher volumes, the time to revisit and re-structure this policy is now.


Data providers are eager to incentivize learning of their tooling and MetricsDAO is in need of growing its analyst base as challenge flow continues to increase. This proposal details how this will be done while maintaining a data provider agnostic outlook.

Proposal Details:

The below details thoughts around being a data provider agnostic destination as well as how MetricsDAO can engage with data providers in paid engagements to empower analysts while retaining consistent philosophies in challenges launched by MetricsDAO for blockchain, protocol, or institutional partners.

Data Provider Agnostic

MetricsDAO is a data provider agnostic analytics production network. As a DAO by analysts for analysts, we understand that you need to select the right tools for the job. MetricsDAO exists to produce the best analytics possible for its partners and we believe that not favoring a single data provider is a key element in achieving this goal.

Data Provider Engagements

In 2022, MetricsDAO worked with data providers primarily through educational partnerships. These often took the form of dedicated workshops, workshop series, and modules in courses run by MetricsDAO Academy.

Some of the highlights in 2022 included Subgrounds by Playgrounds, Dune Analytics, Transpose, Flipside Crypto, Dapp Looker, and Footprint Analytics.

We made the choice to not accept any money from data providers within the ethos of our data provider agnostic approach.

In 2023, MetricsDAO will continue to support educational initiatives to empower our analysts to understand the best data tools in the space. MetricsDAO takes a data provider agnostic approach and understands that some tools are better for some problems.

Learn-to-Earn with Data Providers

MetricsDAO also understands that incentivization is powerful and drives more consistent and reliable outcomes as seen in our financially incentivized challenges for chain, protocol, and institutional partner outcomes.

As MetricsDAO has grown and taken on more deal flow from its partners, our need to grow our analyst base has come into focus. For this reason, we expect to run incentivized learn-to-earn with data providers starting in 2023.

MetricsDAO may run challenges determined by data providers and these challenges may require use of specific tooling with the goal of learning how to use this tooling. With this adjustment, MetricsDAO retains a data provider agnostic ethos. Provider specific challenges may be available but action by participants is not required. With the understanding that many analysts have preferred tooling, MetricsDAO will provide educational programming in synchronous and asynchronous settings to empower participants to learn new tooling if they are interested.

Ongoing Data Provider Agnostic Actions

With interest coming from chains, protocols, institutions, and data providers we believe we can upskill our analysts community while simultaneously producing data agnostic outcomes for partners seeking insights. MetricsDAO itself will not mandate use of a specific tool or form an exclusive relationship with a data provider. Our clients or users of our technology (which may include data providers), however, can ask for challenges to be completed in any way they see fit including requesting use of a specific data source or data provider. This removes unnecessary friction as we open up our challenge creation to a more permissionless system in the future.

We are excited to explore and execute programs with data providers! As always, review challenges launched by MetricsDAO to understand the needed outcomes and choose the best tool for the job!



Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

YES: Begin to engage with data providers in Learn-to-Earn educational programs

NO: Refuse to take money from data providers

  • YES
  • NO

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