NEAR Bug Bounty Program!

Metrics are NEAR because data is here!

MetricsDAO has been working hard to curate open data tables for the NEAR blockchain, and today we are releasing our core tables (note: these are early stage and your feedback will be invaluable as we continue to iterate and improve)!

  • blocks
  • transactions
  • transfers
  • actions_events
    • actions_events_addkey
    • actions_events_function_call
  • metrics
    • metrics_daily_gas
    • metrics_daily_transactions
    • metrics_active_wallets

This data is presently accessible through the Flipside SQL Editor.
Table documentation is available here: dbt Docs

Our roadmap for developing further tables can be found on GitHub! Data is available from 9/1 to present, but a backfill is in the works to eventually capture the full history of NEAR.

What’s next and how does the community help support further development? By, first and foremost, using the data and identifying gaps and omissions! Through the NEAR Data Guild, we are able to run a bug bounty program to reward community analysts for identifying bugs in our data. The criteria for this is listed below, but the basic structure is:

  1. Identify a possible bug in the NEAR data

  2. Post the issue here, on the forum, for discussion. And please include a linked query that demonstrates the issue.

  3. The Data Curation team will triage and determine the type and priority of the bug.

  4. An issue will be opened on GitHub to address squishing the bug.

  5. Sidebar - MetricsDAO is always open for contributors! Feel free to grab an open issue and help direct the development of these tables :).

  6. A contributor will work on solving the issue.

  7. Reports will be recorded and disbursement will happen at the end of the round.

The Details.


We are running the bug bounty in rounds to allow development and assessment time. This is an evolving process, so round 1 will have a hard stop at 2 weeks or 200 NEAR paid out. The program is beginning today, so will run through the end of day (23:59 UTC) May 27th.

Evaluation Criteria

Reported bugs will be assessed and assigned a priority, on the following scale:

  • Not a bug/invalid
  • Low (3 NEAR)
  • Medium (7.5 NEAR)
  • High (10 NEAR)
  • Critical (20 NEAR)

Assignment will be done on the forum post, and can be discussed by the team, but final determination rests with the Curation Pod Leaders.


Help with the roadmap for future development and ideas about how we could make the current tables better are definitely welcome!

NEAR data is unique, so please do not hesitate to suggest improvements to make downstream analysis easier!

At this time, we are not considering suggestions eligible for bug bounty rewards but we are very open to input from anyone (Data Curation Pod contributions are rewarded through the MetricsDAO treasury, at the moment).


Find bugs, get paid!
Please keep reports to the forum so we can organize and triage as reports roll in.
Payment will happen at the end of round 1, and we may run a second round, if needed.

Note: Please post each report in a NEW topic as that will help us keep everything organized.