NEAR Bug Bounty - Cannot access "METRICS_DAILY_GAS" table

Not sure if this is a bug, or if there’s something I’m doing wrong – I’m not able to access the “METRICS_DAILY_GAS” table. See image for the error message.

Yes, apologies, we are in the middle of updating the data share between Snowflake accounts. Several tables were dropped due to a full-refresh on the back-end.

Actually this looks separate from the data share issue we know about. Not sure why this is inaccessible, will investigate.

Pending priority: high
@chuxin do you agree?

Fixed issue w data share

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at this table later today.

Seems to be broken again, I think i messed up the fix this am. Will report back when I think it’s fixed (again)

Any update? Will we have another week to work on NEAR bounties after this?

We’ll need to add a macro to the build process so the metrics tables aren’t dropped on each job run.

Issue opened on GitHub, I can probably get to it today. Data share macro · Issue #53 · MetricsDAO/near_dbt · GitHub

We currently do not have analytical bounties open, just the bug bounty. It will close as scheduled at the end of this week. We are, however, hoping to run an analytical program and finding issues like this now helps ensure a smoother process then!

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