Poll Live: Flipside Ongoing Support Grant [Proposal]

Authors: @danner.eth, @Sunslinger
Reviewer: @catjam


In December 2021, the MetricsDAO Genesis Council including @danner.eth, @Sunslinger.ust, @drethereum, @andrew.i, @jdcook, @sui414, @MSilb7, @chris.eth, and @0xdef1 unanimously agreed to grant 3% of the total $METRIC supply to Flipside Crypto in exchange for ongoing support throughout the decentralization process.

This proposal seeks to ratify that agreement through an expanded governance process described here [LINK], and to clearly outline the conditions of the ongoing support grant.


As part of the agreed upon 30% allocation for Core+Genesis / Bootstrap, Flipside Crypto was initially awarded 15% of the future $METRIC token supply for its early contributions to the DAO in addition to the opportunity to access further tokens through a performance-based milestone grant and an ongoing support grant.

As highlighted in the milestone grant proposal [LINKED], Flipside has proven its commitment to MetricsDAO and its commitment to empowering analytical minds across blockchain data platforms. This proposal, however, is about the value and growth that Flipside can continue to foster through proper alignment.

What Flipside brings to the table:

  • Development
  • Execution
  • People
  • Capital
  • Partnerships

All of which can help MetricsDAO continue to grow.

Ongoing Support

While Flipside’s bounty process IP and bounty ops tools establish the foundation of MetricsDAO’s community-enabled analytics programs, more is needed to grow the DAO’s footprint and impact on the crypto industry.

In return for this 3% grant, Flipside pledges to continue:

  • Iterating upon and funding protocol development - identify and work with developers as well as supply developers from the Flipside team
  • Providing technical and operational support - such as expertise in implementation and management of bounty processes and relevant systems
  • Sharing human capital - Flipside’s dedicated DAO team will continue to support MetricsDAO through knowledge transfer and strategic and leadership development of contributors
  • Pod Leader backstops for redundancy - Flipside may intermittently provide pod leaders in cases where MetricsDAO is unable to identify one from the community. In these cases, Flipside will work with MetricsDAO to source talent
  • Covering the cost of subscription services - until traditional payment capabilities are fully established through the legal entity
  • Brokering more DAO-to-DAO partnerships - Harmony, Uniswap, OlympusDAO. Who’s next?
  • Growing the community - Flipside’s bounty programs act as a funnel for new MetricsDAO participants

The terms of the grant are 1 year of support on the above items starting at completion of the items laid out in the Milestone Grant [LINKED]. At the conclusion of that year, a future relationship may be structured.

We are very excited about the ongoing benefits and value this proposal can bring to MetricsDAO:

  • Empower the community and support further decentralization
  • Continued sharing of human capital as needed throughout decentralization process
  • Ongoing development, innovation, and operational support of protocol and systems

Grant Schedule
Flipside has engaged QuantBlock for tokenomics design. Based on their research and recommendation, this grant will have a linear 3-year vesting schedule with a one-year lockup period.

Next Steps

After seeking community feedback in the community call and office hours, we are putting this into governance for consideration.

  • YES - Agree to terms of milestone
  • NO - Adjust terms of milestone

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The MetricsDAO Governance Committee has approved the Flipside Ongoing Support Grant.

Results of the poll below. In summary, 23 total votes (22 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstain) with 51% quorum reached (23/26 = 88.5%).

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