Establishing MetricsDAO Governance: Phase 1 [Vote]

Authors: MetricsDAO Governance Research Pod

After conducting in depth public discussions & research around the best governance constructs for MetricsDAO moving forward, we aim to provide the DAO with the foundations for an innovative, fair, and flexible governance process. This proposal outlines how a newly appointed MetricsDAO Governance Committee can govern.


The intention of this proposal is to formalize the MetricsDAO governance process, beginning with a construct that gives core contributors the necessary powers to implement key decisions for the DAO.

Most critical in this case is to ensure the implementation achieves two key goals: 1) it provides a flexible foundation that can evolve quickly with the rapid pace of change inherent in early-stage DAOs, and 2) ensures those with the most stake (in this case, sweat equity) are entrusted to usher in the next iterations of the DAO.

This will be done in phases. We outline our Phase 1 approach to create a MetricsDAO Governance Committee below.

Phase 1: MetricsDAO Governance Committee

Establishing the MetricsDAO Governance Committee is the transfer of power to pod leaders and the current leadership council, creating a robust governance construct. Calling this a “committee,” we aim to avoid confusion with the current leadership council.

Within this construct, we outline four core principles:

  • Members
  • Vote Weight
  • Consensus
  • Proposal Process / Vote Length

Please note, this is a phased implementation and will evolve over time.

I. Members: inclusive of current MetricsDAO Council & Pod Leadership.

Currently, MetricsDAO has a dynamic number of pods that exist to support organizational growth and development. Each pod may have more than one member who is considered a leader and who will sit on the Governance Committee alongside the current leadership council.

The Governance Committee will have 25 members when established, a number that will expand or contract with the aforementioned pod structure. This construct works best when member count is below 50.

II. Vote Weight: 1 person = 1 vote.

MetricsDAO prides itself on transparency and equality. As such, each member of the Governance Committee will share an equal vote.

This construct aims to provide a simplified voting process and create an equal voice for all pod leadership and MetricsDAO council members.

Additionally, it ensures that no member will control more than 5% of the vote.

III. Consensus: simple majority, >=51% quorum.

For a vote to be binding and for the DAO to adopt the outcome, we recommend a simple majority quorum. Quorum represents the amount of participation required in each vote.

Adopting a greater than or equal to 51% quorum requires more than half of the governance committee to vote and sets a precedent for higher voter participation.

Wider governance constructs in this space usually see about 20% participation. MetricsDAO has an opportunity to far exceed this participation rate.

IV. Proposal Process: this happens in four steps.

  • Step 1: Any Governance Committee member can bring a proposal forward
  • Step 2: Proposal is posted to MetricsDAO’s discourse forum
  • Step 3: Temp Check poll goes up on the day of posting and will be considered live for 3 days - if it passes with simple majority & 20 vote minimum quorum, it moves to official committee vote 24 hours later
  • Step 4: Committee votes on accepting the proposal in Discord via the Forum channel

Keeping developments public and welcoming feedback is important to the DAO. Thus, it is imperative that voting be transparent and verifiable.

When a member of the broader DAO community (i.e. not currently a sitting member of the MetricsDAO Governance Committee) hopes to create a proposal during Phase 1, they can ask a committee member to co-sponsor their proposal to be posted on the forum.

As for official vote length in Step 4, we hope to incorporate your feedback! What would work best? 3 days? 5 days? Share your feedback below.

Phase 2 & Beyond

In Phase 2, governance will become more complex and more automated.

Complexity will come in the form of token-weighted and participation-weighted Snapshot (off-chain) voting. Automation will come in the form of tooling and the development of smart contract-based voting strategies as needed.

Keeping with the spirit of MetricsDAO, this phase should be gradually ushered in with well-documented processes tracking verifiable outcomes with data and analytics.

We will evaluate the state of DAO governance monthly to determine the best time to implement Phase 2. This is largely dependent on the release and distribution of the $METRIC token.

Next Steps: Implementation

We propose the following to ratify this proposal:

  • Seek community input for 5 days
  • Poll included in post
  • If simple majority is in favor, minimum 20 vote quorum, we will ratify and implement this construct

We look forward to gathering community feedback, and are very excited to mature MetricsDAO.

  • FOR - establish the MetricsDAO Governance Committee
  • AGAINST - do not adopt this committee model

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Big thanks to everyone on the Governance Research pod for all of the work that has been done to explore processes throughout the industry and to develop something that we can use in MetricsDAO!

I am particularly appreciative of the foresight to develop this governance process in phases so that we can:

  • begin to test the process
  • move towards a more defined decision making process
  • iterate through our learnings

I am voting FOR this as I feel strongly that those with the Pod Leadership role have the best insight into what is going on around the org and will have requisite information to vote in a way that supports their needs and the goals of the organization.


Poll will be live until March 23rd @ 3pm EST. Thanks all!

Regarding the vote length, I think 3 days would be a good place to start and then we can iterate later on depending on participation levels.

As for the members of the MetricsDAO council and pod leadership, is this list of members available anywhere? I think I’ve only come across some members with the Council or Pod Leadership roles on the MetricsDAO Discord but haven’t seen a full list. Will that be made available?


Hey @rplust, appreciate you weighing in here.

Yes, this is a great push, please find a full list of Pod Leadership & Council roles below:

Pod Leaders


  • artivilla
  • flipdave

Governance Research

  • avi
  • fig
  • dobby

Bounty Ops

  • kakamora
  • catjam

Data Curation

  • j1mmy
  • kate_chain
  • chuxin.eth

POAP Studio

  • gab_riel

Mentor’s Circle

  • anduril
  • forg
  • hildobby


  • rochelle


  • ql_crypto.eth
  • carolyn


  • 0xdef1
  • andrew.i
  • chris.eth
  • danner.eth
  • jdcook
  • msilb7
  • sui414
  • sunslinger

Pretty spot on, looks like to me. I would suggest using $MDAO since $METRIC has a scam history and personally I think MDAO is cooler sounding if available. Other than that, on voting, I think duration should be flexible as the committee might need feedback on something time sensitive. I would say let the time to vote be attached per proposal. Other than that it looks awesome! What an amazing committee. Only a couple of you I haven’t at least interracted with on some level.


Hi all, the poll has officially closed, and we are very excited to begin implementing Phase 1 of MetricsDAO governance!

Big thanks to everyone who voted and provided feedback.

Please join us in Discord for next steps as we begin implementation - and as always, if you’re interested in contributing we want to hear from you!


In favor of unnecessary, full transparency we have renamed the Pod Leadership channel in Discord to “Leadership” from “Forum” to remove confusion when mentioning forum.

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Wanted to note that we failed to mention drethereum as a Council member and that we have added gnomadic as a Pod Leader for Protocol Dev.