NEAR bug bounty. Total transactions don't match with the block explorer

Hey. I don’t know where to post these.

The total values per day are not matching. EG the top day of 2021-01-16 1772K from the explorer vs 1770K
from the Flipside Crypto
First I was thinking this is because of the timezone differences?

Also when counting the total transactions there seem to be 400K transactions missing from 2022 till May 10th. Flipside Crypto

Also the daily gas prices seem off?

Hi! Thank you for including links to queries. I’m actually going to edit the main post to ask everyone do that.

I can take a look at the transaction counts. It is possible the timestamp is causing differences day-to-day, but the 400k since 1/1/2022 sounds like it is likely missing data.
@chuxin we should investigate both.

On gas - the numbers are not decimal adjusted. We will generate the table docs in the coming days so it is easier to find, but NEAR uses the following decimal, so you’d need to divide the number by the relevant power.

  • on daily_gas_used uses Tgas (10^12)
  • avg_gas_price uses yoctoNEAR (10^24)

edit: docs generated and available at: dbt Docs

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Bug added as issue on github: Missing Blocks / Incremental Logic Issues · Issue #35 · MetricsDAO/near_dbt · GitHub

Will need to reach out to see if we can get missing blocks replayed.

Update - down from 80k missing blocks to 30k (since 1/1/2022).
Getting there!