April Monthly Contributor Payments

As of May 9th, 2022, the MetricsDAO treasury team paid out $18,100 (18,100 USDC) to monthly contributors for work performed in April. All work has been reviewed by pod-specific leaders and/or MetricsDAO leadership, and graded on a increasing pay scale:

Bronze Silver Gold Core
Number 5 7 7 1
Amount 300 600 1200 4000
Total $18,100.00

Contributor rewards can also be broken out by pod, as shown below:

Grants $900
Data Curation $2,700
Marcom $2,100
Mentor’s Circle $2,100
Refinery $2,700
Pod Leaders $3,600
Core $4,000

Any questions? Looking to get more involved in MetricsDAO, please reach out to myself, or any member of pod leadership!