[METIP #3] Add xMetric to Monthly Contributor Payments

Author(s): ql-crypto.eth#9924

Type: Social

Dependencies: None

Replaces/Amends: None

Short Summary:

Rewarding monthly contributors w/ xMETRIC is an important improvement on our current payment structure, as it properly rewards those actively contributing to the success of the DAO.


Currently, the only actors in the MDAO ecosystem that are rewarded with xMETRIC are those who participate in the bounty system (authors, graders, reviewers). However, I believe that monthly contributors should also be awarded xMETRIC, because they may not have time to jam on bounty questions to do their workload within the DAO. This METIP would also allow MDAO leadership to track contributors month-over-month more efficiently.

Proposal Details:

I propose that, moving forward, we pay every monthly contributor 250 xMETRIC a month. This is inline with the amount of xMETRIC we pay every analyst who answers a bounty question. Additionally, I propose we pay all S2 contributors from July & August a retroactive payment of 250 xMETRIC per month of contribution.

Based on the above, every season, the max xMETRIC a monthly contributor can earn from non-bounty related activity is 750 xMETRIC.


Can provide upon request.

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

YES: Retroactively Pay S2 contributors xMETRIC AND pay contributors xMETRIC moving forward

NO: Don’t pay monthly contributors xMETRIC


This proposal will incorporate the suggestions made by danner.eth in this comment: [METIP #3] Add xMetric to Monthly Contributor Payments - #6 by danner.eth

A spreadsheet for xMetrics payments can be found here: xMetric Payments - Google Sheets

The amounts in the spreadsheet reflect the tiered system discussed and added an extra tier for the Monthly Core Contributors (300 vs. 200 xMetric for Gold)


@ql-crypto.eth really appreciate you thinking through this and creating a proposal!

A question and a thought from me:

  • did you consider tiering xMETRIC payouts in core / gold / silver / bronze like we do for USDC comp? why/why not?
  • Should we create some kind of understanding with contributors that their xMETRIC should not be counted towards their ability to participate in xMETRIC master bounties, etc? I do think we want to keep that playing field leveled to the bounty program itself. Perhaps we could ask contributors who are also analysts to create a separate wallet for their contributor xMETRIC holdings.

also, remiss to not note this earlier, but I am really excited to see us giving contributors xMETRIC, this should be in the hands of everyone who is a valuable participant or partner to MDAO – just need to figure out the right gates for bounty-earned xMETRIC :slight_smile:

Yea i think a separation would make sense but there is no way to prevent people from transferring xMetric over to their “bounty wallet” after the fact. Not sure if I have an immediate solution for this. My initial thought is that those that are active enough within MDAO to be monthly contributors AND bounty participants are likely already elite-level analyst…do you disagree?

As for your first question regarding tiers, I am definitely open to that idea. I don’t think I gave it too much thought to start. My thoughts are that active monthly contributors, regardless of tier, serve key functions to the overall success of the DAO. In order for there to be bounty questions to answer, each month contributor needs to do their job, which is why I thought flat rate xMETRIC at first.

That being said, we already stagger USDC payouts so maybe functioning along those same lines makes sense too. Happy to go back and forth on this.

Luckily xMETRIC is non-transferrable, except for by our multi-sig! So people would not be able to transfer between wallets.

I do think we have some contributors who are awesome at their DAO work but not currently working as analysts (me, you, @rochelle , @naan come to mind immediately.)

Defer to you on the tiering… was throwing it out as food for thought. :slight_smile:

Edited top post to be in proper categories.

I am 100% in favor of distributing xMETRIC to our team members.

I am less concerned about their ability to participate in activities gated for xMETRIC Master because:

  • these team members are known good actors
  • social trust and public reputation is on the line if an actor exploits the system
  • we can communicate ongoing expectations via our Proposal: MetricsDAO Code of Conduct
  • we can manage emissions and thresholds so that active participants outpace contributors

With regard to the last item, I suggest that we reduce the amounts suggested by @ql-crypto.eth and utilize the tiers from the monthly contributions process for team members.

I suggest:

  • Retroactive xMETRIC distributions to Contributors based on their tier in July and August.
  • Ongoing xMETRIC distributions based on their tier starting in September.
  • Tiered Payments
    – Bronze: 75 xMETRIC
    – Silver: 150 xMETRIC
    – Gold: 200 xMETRIC

This reduces the maximum amount that a non-participatory contributor would receive to 600 xMETRIC.

At this stage of experimentation, these numbers can seem arbitrary but I think that it’s important that participants in the system who are driving value outpace operational team members who do not directly contribute to the product of outcomes for the DAOs partners.

We can continue to adjust ongoing emissions collaboratively once we start this asset flow.

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Cool. I like this proposal. wdyt @ql-crypto.eth ?

I think that this makes sense. In order to move this proposal forward, I will go through the July and August contributions and create the xMetric sheets.

Based on drake’s revision, I am comfortable moving forward.

One thing i will say is that this does not account for Flipside employees who do not earn monthly contributions…how do we account for those people?

Agree with this proposal, and I want to note that I think Curators should also receive xMETRIC based on their contributions!

They may be already implicitly included in the above proposal, but wanted to mention them separately because their setup (badges, soon or already rewards) are somewhat different.

Can we revive this and make sure it happens for future monthly contributor payments? Done is better than perfect for V1 of this process!

let’s vote! @naan

Hey @naan @catjam @danner.eth

I have created the spreadsheet for xMetric payments which can be found here:

I am unable to update the above post for some reason but I utilized the tiered system discussed and added an extra tier for the Monthly Core Contributors (300 vs. 200 xMetric for Gold).

There are a few missing address fpr Flipside Pod Leaders that I am working to include here but can do that async


Also i included @rochelle @catjam @danner.eth in the list for xMetric…not sure if that was expected so lemme know but need your addresses if so!

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awesome! thanks @ql-crypto.eth , you rock

With season lengths changing, we will respect the monthly limit of 250 rather than the 750 per season

cc @0xBills

This proposal was passed on Nov 18 2022, with 7 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot