Feb 2022 Contributor Rewards

Author: @catjam

Reviewers: @ql.crypto @danner.eth, @Sunslinger

Summary: Providing compensation details for contributors for the month of February 2022 to provide transparency and ongoing discussion about compensation in MetricsDAO.

The month of February was the first time MetricsDAO was able to provide monetary compensation to contributors for their efforts to build the organization. This is an exciting milestone! This month, MetricsDAO received grants from Harmony and Uniswap, as well as $100k in seed funding from Flipside Crypto. Having this money in the treasury allows MetricsDAO to distribute $13,600 USDC in contributor rewards this month.

There are 11 contributors who submitted worksheets for compensation review this month, and all of them were reviewed by Pod Leaders and the core team to determine that the submissions were valid and assign the appropriate level of compensation. To keep compensation simple to start, contributors are paid one of 3 fixed amounts: $1,200 USDC for gold-level contributions, $600 for silver-level contributions, and $300 for bronze-level contributions.

Gold level contributions are classified as highest value generated for the organization. These contributors have created new processes or tooling, lead a project, or been a key contributor on a project. Silver contributions have generated considerable value for the organization and assisted in any of the activities above. Bronze contributions generated value through intermittent engagement, for example consulting or feedback on projects.

Additionally, there is one contributor (Kakamora) who was nominated to the Core team this month as a recognition of his work to run the bounty program and constantly improve it. Kakamora has taken over management of the systems that drive the bounty program (Notion & Airtable) and made numerous improvements to the technical and program setup. Without him, MetricsDAO would not have successfully run bounties this month. Thank you Kakamora, and welcome to the Core team! Core team members receive a higher monthly payment which is currently set at $4,000. This will likely evolve in the future as the Core team builds and a governance system is set up to efficiently transition these procedures from the Council.

Link to Feburary compensation: All Contributions_Feb2022


@catjam thanks for all the effort you have been putting towards designing and implementing this iteration of contributor rewards!


I really love to see the level of transparency here!


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