Documentation Tooling Preferences & Tool section

Time to pick a documentation tool! Interested in any feedback or comments the community has on the tools listed below. What other tools should be included in the list for consideration?

Initial considerations include:

  1. Mirror
  2. Gitbook
  3. Wiki
  4. Notion - ruled out due to email id privacy concerns

If you don’t have tool recommendations, are there feature requirements we should look for (version history, task management, kanban)? Any must haves?

Thank you for your participation!


My initial thought is that Gitbook would be awesome.

I see Mirror as more an announcement and publishing tool than a documentation tool. But I may be incorrect in that assumption.


+1 gitbook

fastest UI ive experienced, crypto-native tool, great search features etc.


The technology is fairly raw at the moment, but I’d love to see this in Radicle in the long term. Gitbook is great (and as OSS, is half-way there), but we should be striving to use coordination tooling that is decentralised once it is ready to support our requirements.

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Recommended Options:

I personally full send either Docusaurus, Gatsby.js, or Next.js since they would be complete web development environments, free of charge, and easily credentialed and version controlled

I’ve also build out doc sites with all of the full send options and have a personal preference towards Docusaurus (thanks FB team)

We’re live on Gitbook!

Get in touch with the MARCOM team if you’re interested in documentation