Project Management Tooling Selection

It’s time we adopt a tool for project management and task tracking needs. Opening this up for discussion to see if there are any tool recommendations that we should be considering.

Tools being considered:

What else are we missing? Please keep in mind we have started using Gitbook for documentation. It would be great to have a tool selected by Monday, November 15th 2021 so we can start utilizing it for the Harmony Data Pod.
Thank you for your input!

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I use Jira day to day – but I wonder if it is overly complicated for this at the start?

I’ve also used Trello before and found it worked well.

Can we add Clubhouse ( to the list as well as potential option?

I love Clubhouse, but mostly I would want to pick a tool that people have used before


Thank you! Clubhouse has been added to the list

Overtime JIRA is awfully slow and complex to deal. I’m not sure if we want such a complex system. Trello is lightweight, simple and fast. Here are the other options to consider

  1. asana
  2. Githhub (GitHub Issues · Project planning for developers · GitHub)

Agree that Jira may be too complicated for needs right now

I think Linear could be a good tool, super clean and easier to use than Jira

Airtable, like Jira is probably overkill for now

From my perspective, we need task management capabilities (CRUD + delegation & verification) plus toolkits on top of those tasks such as Gantt charts, timelines, etc…

Asana or seem best for this, however, if cost is an issue (which it very well could be) then I think OpenProject could be a good option…that or just a simple CLI that’s tailored to our use case

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Agree that JIRA is too much. I like Asana But Google Sheets works really well, too.

I’m a big fan of Notion, so would like to throw that into the ring. It’s obviously more general than many of the solutions quoted above (and as such won’t have some of the more advanced project management features), but if we can avoid fragmentation of information across many tools that would be best.

+1 for the -1 against Jira :wink:

I’ve used Airtable and currently use Smartsheet but don’t really have strong opinions on either.

I’m going to chime in and share that Andrew has also said Linear is worth checking out as @_mrogers mentioned