Feedback Requested: Steward Incentive Design Proposal Draft

In the METIP #18 successful governance proposal to begin a self-funded Season 5, a new type of participation in MetricsDAO governance was introduced to aid our progressive decentralization: MetricsDAO Stewards. The goal of Stewards is to include a broader variety of voices from active and good-faith MetricsDAO participants who have an interest in the success of our DAO and community but are neither contributors nor governors.

Now that the DAO has been operating for nearly a full season in post-bootstrap funding mode, we have had a chance to reflect on ways to best operationalize the Steward program, align the incentives of participants with those of the DAO, and design the rails to become and remain a Steward.

Please find attached below the proposal for Steward incentives and rails, and share your feedback in the comments of the Google Doc or under this post.

The goal of this forum post is to encourage conversation with our community on ways to have more voices heard in MetricsDAO’s decision-making, and incorporate the results of this discussion into our governance.

Some of MetricsDAO contributors have already shared their feedback in team discord. It is much appreciated and will be incorporated :pray:

I also included a general overview of incentives for other types of DAO members that we currently have (board of governors and core contributors). It helped me wrap my mind around why someone who wants to get involved would choose one role vs. another, and what motivates and incentivizes them. I hope that those parts of the document are useful to the readers in the same way they were to me.

:point_right: TL;DR: Please give this a read and share your comments. Our entire community’s feedback is invited: Incentive Design Proposal for MetricsDAO Season 6 - Google Docs :point_left:

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