[METIP #1] Ratifying the MetricsDAO Constitution



Title: Ratifying the MetricsDAO Constitution

Author(s): ananth (naan#1447)

Type: Social

Dependencies: None

Replaces/Amends: The current governance system as established here:

Short Summary:

This is a proposal introducing a constitution to MetricsDAO.


Having a constitution allows us to have a solid point of reference to come back to as we continue to expand and try new things.

Proposal Details:

As MetricsDAO has grown, it’s important to reaffirm its core values as well as improve and adapt processes that are critical to the DAO. To this end a constitution has been drafted that establishes our values and codifies a new set of governance processes. Some changes to these processes include tying votes to badges distributed to members, establishing a two layer system for the passing of proposals, and utilizing optimistic governance to allow for rapid development of efforts.


The proposed constitution can be found here: [Public Draft 03] MetricsDAO Constitution. If the constitution is ratified, it and any documents it links to will be posted to a more permanent and public platform such as GitBook.

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Voting Yes: Move forward with ratifying and publishing the MetricsDAO constitution

Voting No: Moving the constitution to another draft phase while considering the input that comes with ‘no’ votes


I plan to vote yes on this METIP! I love that @naan , @avi and crew have created a living document that embodies our principles, gives us clear guidance for how to operate, and can grow with the DAO.

Thank you team!


Well crafted, @naan. This lays a solid foundation while allowing for flexibility. My vote will be yes.