Compensation & Rewards Structure V1

As MetricsDAO activities increase, we’re looking for a structure we can use to recognize and reward individuals who are creating value for the DAO. This structure is specifically design to fill the gap between our current state (no treasury or monetary rewards to distribute) and a near-future state where we will have monetary grants from partnerships that can be used to fund contributor rewards. If this structure is successful, it will allow us to easily recognize contributors for their current efforts and easily transition into a monetary rewards structure as well.

Thoughts, feedback, and ideas are encouraged! We hope to roll this out in the next few weeks.

Author background: I am Sr Director of Product at Flipside Crypto and have experience contributing to DAOs, including as a pod lead at Index Coop.


  • Retain and attract operational talent at the DAO
  • Provide a flexible, MVP-style model that can grow and evolve as the DAO grows and evolves
    • Use systems and processes that can be easily handed off to core contributors
    • Rely on systems and processes that are common across DAOs
  • Be public and transparent about recognizing value contributed to the DAO

What kind of roles is this geared towards?

  • Project Managers
  • Data Curators
  • DAO Builders (MarCom pod, onboarding, etc)
  • NOT completing bounties (compensated differently)
  • NOT simply joining calls or the Discord server (not compensated)


  • Establish “seasons” or “epochs” for compensation. Months may be easiest to start.
  • Contributors provide summary of their work via a Google spreadsheet, including links to work and time spent
  • Project leads meet monthly to review work and allocate POAP rewards.
  • There will be 3 tiers of POAPs to recognize various levels of value output during that season:
    • Gold: Highest value generated. Create new processes or tooling, lead a project, or be a key contributor on a project.
    • Silver: Considerable value generated. Assist in any of the activities above.
    • Bronze: Value generated through intermittent engagement, for example consulting or feedback on projects.
  • After POAP levels are decided, all submitted spreadsheets will be combined into a master public-facing document with the POAP levels for each contributor for that season displayed.
  • Each contributor will be messaged a link to claim their POAP.

Thanks so much to @danner.eth , @Sunslinger , and @nosugar for their feedback so far!


Friends of mine are building a cool tool to help with that, and currently looking for a showcase and feedback.
Would love to hear your opinions:
Dework Tutorial (

Cool tool, thanks for sharing @raphbaph – enjoyed the overview! I don’t think we need tooling quite yet but will definitely keep this in mind as we mature.

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Hi all, given the lack of further feedback we’ll look to put this in place as-is for upcoming work! Excited to kick it off!