[METIP #13]: Add @sunslinger as signatory



Title: Replace Signatory for MetricsDAO

Author(s): catjam#6271 and imaaronlamphere

Type: Social

Dependencies: n/a

Replaces/Amends: METIP #5

Short Summary:

With the departure of the previous MetricsDAO signatory (Daphne Kwon, DaphneK#0688), MetricsDAO needs to appoint a new signatory. This person will be responsible for signing contracts on behalf of MetricsDAO that have successfully passed through the the governance process.


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Proposal Details:

As a legally incorporated Delaware non-stock non-profit corporation, MetricsDAO Assoc needs to designate a signatory. This person will have the authority to sign contracts and other legally binding documents on behalf of MetricsDAO. It’s important to note that designating a signatory does not remove the role of governance for any contracts or proposals. All agreements must be passed through the established governance process, and the signatory will execute them only after they have passed. The signatory is not a permanent position and may be replaced by the DAO following a proposal put forward and voted on by members of the Governing Council.

We put forward George Joseph Flannery (@sunslinger), Genesis Member and Director of Client Services at Flipside Crypto, to be designated as our new signatory. As a key member of MetricsDAO, we feel GJ has the context and expertise to act as an effective signatory for MetricsDAO.

This proposal will also remove Daphne Kwon as signatory.


Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Yes: Add @sunslinger as signatory and remove Daphne Kwon as signatory

No: Do not add sunslinger and do not remove Daphne Kwon


This proposal was passed on Feb 1 2023, with 10 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot