[METIP #7] Ratifying Pod Leaders and Genesis Council



Title: Ratifying Pod Leaders and Genesis Council

Author(s): catjam(catjam#6271)

Type: Social

Dependencies: MetricsDAO Constitution

Replaces/Amends: N/A

Short Summary:

Ratifying Pod Leaders and Genesis Council to meet legal needs.


As we have now incorporated as. Delaware non stock non profit corp, we need to follow certain guidelines around legal processes.

Proposal Details:

MetricsDAO will be ratifying Pod Leaders and Genesis Council members through governance at the start of each season. These members are considered Special Members in the MetricsDAO bylaws and have the power to propose and ratify in-season actions for the DAO. They receive the S3 Governor badge. Each season, we will revisit this membership and issue new governor badges.

For this season, we seek to ratify the following individuals as Special Members of MetricsDAO:

Format: Legal Name, Position, #discord handle, wallet address

Christopher Wessels, Genesis, chris.eth#7351, 0xE61f3AEa84D7dc7429F46a96B8df767A120159b8

Joseph Cook, Genesis, jdcook#7279, 0x019700312686B2EE895679A841aB0D6423D9b990

Drake Danner, Genesis, danner.eth#7297, 0x581BEf12967f06f2eBfcabb7504fA61f0326CD9A

Trevor Wenokur, Genesis, drethereum#2906, 0x477c2087F3D6e49b1BE5C790A33b3a025A4Fa569

George Joseph Flannery IV, Genesis, GJ | Flipside#1919, 0x5970C498244CE30248711497b7886fecA0077423

Danning Sui, Genesis, sui414#1678, 0xFf8D58f85a4f7199c4b9461F787cD456Ad30e594

Michael Silberling, Genesis, MSilb7#8326, 0xEEad1396fe5f0daec6DbC04d8a43E85dDE4d97DA

Andrew Hong, Genesis, andrew.i#0298, 0x2Ae8c972fB2E6c00ddED8986E2dc672ED190DA06

Margaret Lister, Pod Leader, catjam#6271, 0xABF28f8D9adFB2255F4a059e37d3BcE9104969dB

Rochelle Odile Jeanne Sophie Guillou, Pod Leader, Rochelle#9484, 0x3138165f8d21d4869dbD406CD8bc8055CAC8fb6E

Aaron Lamphere, Pod Leader, imaaronlamphere#8577, 0x48ff4d06Ceb0d69C958EE7856A2629Bb568Cffdc

Elise Mary Contas, Pod Leader, elisemarika#8643, 0xB8c2d03CaffFE98e35CEEa1A399372dD8FaFa91a

John Michael Forgash, Pod Leader, forg#9122, 0x04ae8c108743167c7457073ba8C1571FD5D56325


The full bylaws can be viewed here: MetricsDAO - Bylaws (Delaware Charitable Nonstock) 4131-9585-0809 3.pdf

Current Governor and Genesis Council members can be viewed here: Governor and Genesis Councils - MetricsDAO

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Yes: Move forward with ratifying these members

Voting No: Explore options for other members to be ratified


This proposal was passed on Nov 9 2022, with 9 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot