[METIP #5] Ratify MetricsDAO Bylaws + Establish Signatory


Note: this proposal has been updated to fit the proposal template. Thanks to @naan for their work and guidance on this!

Title: Amending the Constitution to Integrate a Legal Entity

Author(s): catjam#6271

Type: Social

Dependencies: MetricsDAO Constitution

Replaces/Amends: MetricsDAO Constitution

Short Summary:

This is a proposal to amend the MetricsDAO constitution to incorporate MetricDAO’s new legal status.


In July of 2022, MetricsDAO was formally incorporated as MetricsDAO Assoc, a non-stock, non-profit Delaware corporation. This incorporation helps secure MetricsDAO’s legal standing and sets the organization up for continued growth.

Proposal Details:

As part of the incorporation process, we now need to ratify the bylaws of the organization that formally outline the purpose of MetricsDAO, requirements for membership, and responsibilities of members and designated leaders within the organization. In drafting the bylaws, we sought to build upon the governance process established in the MetricsDAO Constitution, which ties votes to badges distributed to members, leverages a two layer system for the passing of proposals, and utilizes optimistic governance to allow for rapid development of efforts.

In addition to ratifying the bylaws, we also seek to designate a signatory on behalf of MetricsDAO. This person will have the authority to sign contracts and other legally binding documents on behalf of MetricsDAO. It’s important to note that designating a signatory does not remove the role of governance for any contracts or proposals. All agreements must be passed through the established governance process, and the signatory will execute them only after they have passed. The signatory is not a permanent position and may be replaced by the DAO following a proposal put forward and voted on by members of the Governing Council.

As part of this proposal we put forward Daphne Kwon (DaphneK#0688), GM of DAO at Flipside Crypto, to be designated as the first signatory. As leader of Flipside’s DAO efforts, we feel Daphne has the context and expertise to act as an effective signatory for MetricsDAO.


The full bylaws can be viewed here: MetricsDAO - Bylaws (Delaware Charitable Nonstock) 4131-9585-0809 3.pdf

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Voting Yes: Move forward with ratifying these bylaws for MetricsDAO and incorporate them into the constitution

Voting No: Moving the constitution to another draft phase while considering the input that comes with ‘no’ votes


Hi, this is Daphne (@DKNY) and I just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I am so incredibly impressed by metricsDAO, and the power that’s held within! I joined flipside as a lifelong entrepreneur, to help the company create a strategy to support, expand, and hopefully play a part in leading the exploding DAO ecosystem. Its association with mDAO was part of the reason I was so excited for the role. My hand shot up immediately to be able to participate for you in this way, to represent the decisions of the DAO as a signatory. I certainly am not a data analyst, so I hope this small role can contribute to mDAO’s continued growth and success!


re: bylaws

These bylaws appear fair and not to over reach into the DAO’s governance spaces.

Personally, I feel confident that we have properly communicated with our Counsel regarding our philosophies and our requirement to leave design and operation space for the DAO to evolve and mature while still operating within these bylaws.

While I have not spent as much time with Counsel recently, I do get to spend a lot of time aligning with Catjam and trust her judgement and ability to communicate with Counsel.

I am very encouraged to see the level of flexibility that this offers through abstraction!

re: signatory

As someone who has been able to spend a lot of dedicated time with Daphne, I have extremely high levels of trust in her ability to represent our organization in legal settings and with regard to any real world activities the DAO may require.

Daphne has been consciously and rightfully respectful of the beliefs, values, and initiatives put forth by our contributors and wider network. This is a tough thing to do! It could be easy to try to come in and to over steer direction, but Daphne has handled it with the utmost grace.

In addition, Daphne’s range and depth of experience as an executive gives her insight and confidence to navigate aspects of this initiative that foreign to those of us who spend most of our time on-chain.

Daphne’s mindful respect and vast experience make her uniquely positioned to hold the signatory position for MetricsDAO.

I will be voting Yes and am excited to watch MetricsDAO continue to come to life!!!


This proposal was passed on Oct 13 2022, with 7 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot