[METIP #19] Redelegation of $SAFE Voting Power


METIP#: 19

Title: Redelegation of $SAFE Voting Power

Author(s): Ananth (.naan)

Type: Social

Dependencies: METIP # 9

Replaces/Amends: METIP # 9

Short Summary:

This is a proposal to claim another portion of the DAO’s allocation of $SAFE from the airdrop and move the delegated power from Flipside back to MetricsDAO.


MetricsDAO would like to claim the next portion of $SAFE tokens, and while we still do not feel that we have a staff large enough to be effective stewards for SafeDAO at this time, we would like to reclaim our voting power from Flipside as part of our decentralization process.

Proposal Details:

MetricsDAO has a strong commitment to being meaningful participants in the partnerships we enter into, whether they are related to data analysis or not.

As beneficiaries of the $SAFE airdrop from SafeDAO and active users of Safe, MetricsDAO aims to be effective and informed participants in Safe’s governance processes upon claiming the tokens. However, MetricsDAO is in a transitional state right now, and does not have the capability to take on governance in a protocol outside our own at this time.

While in the past MetricsDAO has had a close relationship with Flipside Crypto, and has delegated its voting power to their governance team, we have been in the process of distancing the two organizations as part of our decentralization. As such, along with claiming this portion of the $SAFE airdrop, we would like to delegate voting power back to our address. While this voting power may go unused until MetricsDAO once again has the resources to be meaningfully involved in Safe’s governance, we believe that keeping this option open for the DAO in the future is the right choice.



Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Yes: Claim $SAFE and reclaim all voting power

No: Take no action

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This make sense to me and I’m in favor of it.