[Partner] Footprint Analytics Workshop Series

Project Info
Footprint Analytics is an all-in-one analysis platform to visualize blockchain data and discover insights. It offers thousands of templates and a drag-and-drop charting experience, which allows any technical or non-technical analyst to build charts or dashboards very easily.

Workshop Topic and Structure
We would like to hold two workshops. The 1st one would target general users or non-technical analysts, the 2nd one would target technical analysts and developers. Following is the structure of each workshop:
Workshop 1: Get to know Footprint and try making a chart and a dashboard with 0 coding

  • Presenter: Alex Cooper, the community manager
  • Presentation of Footprint Analytics (15 mins)
  • 2 demos: (15 mins)
  1. Create a chart within 1 minute with 0 coding by using Footprint’s drag-and-drop interface
  2. Define a new metric with an excel-like user experience

Workshop 2: Dive deeper into Footprint’s database and try some in-depth data analysis

  • Presenter: Wade D, the Chief Open Source Officer
  • Will do 1 demo after the presentation

And we plan to hold the 1st workshop in the middle of May, and the 2nd one in the end of May. We will share our ppt to the MetricsDAO team one week in advance.

Following 2 videos are some short courses which was presented by Footprint’s head of research when participating in Blockchain NYC’s community call

Discord: Footprint Official
Discord handle: Rain2hanG#6957

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I think this would be a great workshop for our community! I love the no-code optionality of Footprint, which really enables new analysts to explore much of the same data as experts.

As a suggestion, for the demo you could choose a completed bounty prompt that we recently ran. I’d suggest a beginner one so the demo doesn’t run too long. It would be cool for users that submitted or attempted these questions to see how this tool could be used for these types of questions.