[Template] Partnership Workshop Request

Welcome !

Thanks for stopping by MetricsDAO and we are excited that you want to run a workshop with us! We’d like to open up discussion about this with our community, so ask that you copy the below question template and provide some information about your proposal. A member of the Mentor’s Circle will then share this in the # :spiral_notepad: | workshops channel to get community input.

Our past workshops can be found here.

Please copy the below and create a post in this Workshops section. Please treat the below questions as open ended, the point of this post is to start conversation :slight_smile:

Post semantics: please start with [Partner] in your title so it’s easy to see what the post is about, and include both the #workshops and #partnership tag. Thanks!

Project Info
Include your project/protocol name and a bit about what you do.

Workshop Topic
What would you like to bring to our community?
What will viewers learn?
What is your proposed format?

Are you looking for a standalone workshop, or an ongoing series?

Have you led such sessions before?
Can you post any examples that would give a general preview of what this workshop would be?

Please include links to your website, twitter, discord, etc. Anything you’d want to share with the community!
Also include your handle so we can tag you / discuss on Discord!