[Template] Community Workshop Request

Welcome !

In an effort to better keep track of what the community wants to see on the workshops roadmap, we are trying a new approach of discussing on the forum. There has been a lot of great conversation in the Discord that has led to some workshops (Interactive Data Viz with Python, by LTirrell, for example) but I know there have been requests that got lost in the noise of Discord.

So, please feel free to create new posts here with any idea requests!

Follow the base prompts below and, please, treat these as open ended and include as much information as you want to start the conversation!

Post semantics: please start with [Community] in your title so it’s easy to see what the post is about, and include both the #workshops and #community tag. Thanks!

What high-level topic do you want to see a workshop on?

What technical skills should this cover?

Is there a specific platform you want to see covered?

Have you seen anything similar that you’d like us to build on? Or just something that’s “kind of what you want” but would be a good example to base a workshop on.

Difficulty Level
Who would be the target audience?