[Template] MetricsDAO Improvement Proposal (METIP)


METIP#: <# for the proposal>


Author(s): <list of authors’ names and/or Discord/Twitter handles>

Type: <METIP Type (Social or Technical)>

Dependencies: <List of dependencies, both METIPs and external>


Short Summary:

A short summary of the proposal. Recommended to be no longer than 1 to 2 sentences.


A short description of the reasons for the proposal.

Proposal Details:

A full description of the proposal. This should include details such as the scope, expected timeline for the work, and a budget if necessary. If the proposal is a technical one, details should also include plans for testing, security considerations, and a technical review plan.


A list of any documents or other materials that are needed for understanding the context of the proposal.

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Execution Team:

Clearly state the outcome of voting for each option in the poll, and describe next steps as needed.

(Note that no poll is required on forum posts and voting takes place in Snapshot)