[Template] MetricsDAO Improvement Proposal (METIP)


METIP#: <# for the proposal>


Author(s): <list of authors’ names and/or Discord/Twitter handles>

Type: <METIP Type (Social or Technical)>

Dependencies: <List of dependencies, both METIPs and external>


Short Summary:

A short summary of the proposal. Recommended to be no longer than 1 to 2 sentences.


A short description of the reasons for the proposal.

Proposal Details:

A full description of the proposal. This should include details such as the scope, expected timeline for the work, and a budget if necessary. If the proposal is a technical one, details should also include plans for testing, security considerations, and a technical review plan.


A list of any documents or other materials that are needed for understanding the context of the proposal.

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Clearly state the outcome of voting for each option in the poll, and describe next steps as needed.