[METIP #10] Creating Pathways for Distributing xMetric


METIP#: 10

Title: Creating Pathways for Distributing xMetric

Author(s): imaaronlamphere#8577

Type: Social

Dependencies: None

Replaces/Amends: None

Short Summary:

We propose using the unique power of the DAO to develop and execute a plan for creating pathways for distributing xMetric to service providers.


The objective of this project is to develop pathways for distributing xMetric to new and quality service providers that are incubated and developed by the members of the community and DAO.

Proposal Details:


We propose using the unique power of the DAO to develop and execute a plan for creating pathways for distributing xMetric to service providers. Members of the community will create proposals that will be up-voted by members of the community which then a proposal review committee will select among the top vote which proposals would be funded. Each project cycle there will be a set budget pool known to the community prior to submitting the proposal to give them the ability to plan accordingly.


  • Write a proposal to take this initiative to the DAO for governance vote and funding.
  • Select a committee of 5 reviewers to review and select proposals for funding.
  • Create a notion board for proposal submission, outlining the project, parameters, available rewards, and submission process.
  • Create an announcement to promote the project to the community and drive submissions.

Budget Request:

  • Details: $30,000 USDC and 30,000 xMetric for Q1 of 2023.

Duration: 5 weeks

  • Week 1: Collection and review of proposals
  • Week 2-5: Execution of selected project proposals

Proposals must include:

  • Name of submitter (individual or team)
  • Name of project proposal
  • Scope of project and impact on xMetric and holders
  • Estimated time to complete the project (hours or weeks)
  • Cost and breakdown of how funds will be spent.

Proposal Committee:
The proposal committee will be responsible for reviewing all submissions and making a decision on funding based on up-votes, budget constraints, and impact on the project’s objective. The committee will consist of 5 individuals:

  • Aaron Lamphere
  • Naan

and 3 more members yet to be determined.


Current xMetric reserves: Safe

Current USDC reserves:

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Voting YES means you approve the DAO funding this initiative
Voting NO means you do not approve the DAO funding this initiative

Pardon my ignorance but what is a service provider? Can you please list some examples?

The proposal offers only one week to collect and review proposals. This week would take place very soon in Q1 2023. This may not be enough time for us to advertise this initiative, for service providers to prepare high quality proposals, and for reviewers to evaluate the proposals.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare this motion.

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Not ignorance, I have the same question. How do we define service provider in this context?

I think I am a bit confused on the outcome of the committee, as well. Is the budget, to be distributed as part of the community proposal, USDC or xMetric? What is the delivered impact of 30k USDC for this initiative?

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Is this similar to a grants committee? And I’m also curious about the USDC budget. Is that to be used for creation and administration of the proposal committee, or to pay proposals?

Additionally, the 30,000 USDC is a large proportion of the current balance in the Safe. I agree with forg, and the usage and impacts of this funding should be clearly outlined.

pinging @imaaronlamphere for clarification on these questions

Any one that is taking on a bounty or work within the bounty program would be consider a “service provider” as they are the group of individuals executing the request.

Committee will review the proposals to help select but more importantly identify impact of each proposal and the combine impact of all the ones that get selected for funding to hold teams accountable against them.

The budget being request will be distributed to the proposals the are selected for execution

Ok, so, in effect, this is a proposal to assign funds for self-funded bounties?
The committee will review the top proposals for quality and logic, and the resulting challenges will run through the program. The budget of $30,000 USDC and 30,000 xMetric is to be distributed to program participants, aka the Service Providers.

Am I understanding this correctly?

Just going to echo some concerns with the budget. The only way we can afford $30k USDC is if we we allocate funds from the curation wallet or sell a large chunk of our LUNA holdings. Even then I would recommend we are conservative with our USDC until we have a better picture of our finances for Q1 and Q2.

Some thoughts, could we lower the USDC quantity and increase xMETRIC? If not, maybe pull some from the USDC self funded bounty budget?

Closing this on behalf of @imaaronlamphere for now.

“[…]thinking we want to pull this back and re-evaluate based on the feedback and some changes to Growth recently[…]”