[METIP #4] Add 0xBills to the MDAO Multisig



Title: Add 0xBills to the MDAO Multisig

Author(s): danner.eth ( danner.eth#7297)

Type: Social

Dependencies: None

Replaces/Amends: The current set of multisig signers

Short Summary:

This is a proposal to replace sunslinger as a multisig signer with 0xbills.


0xBills has more availability to sign multisig transactions and is involved in payment operations

Proposal Details:

This is a proposal to remove sunslinger as a signer from the multisig and add 0xBills in his place. sunslinger has moved away from day to day involvement in MetricsDAO, so to keep our working groups running efficiently we believe it would be best to bring in a signer that can sign the necessary transactions as soon as possible. 0xBills is an active member of the DAO specifically in the Treasury pod and is deeply involved in day to day processes specifically related to payments, making him an ideal choice for this role.


This is the current set of signers for the multisig:

jdcook - 0x019700312686B2EE895679A841aB0D6423D9b990

sunslinger - 0x5970C498244CE30248711497b7886fecA0077423

chris.eth - 0xE61f3AEa84D7dc7429F46a96B8df767A120159b8

danning.eth - 0xFf8D58f85a4f7199c4b9461F787cD456Ad30e594

j1mmy - 0xc30470477Bcd9514FAb4f6ba2F709c9c0e4Ee561 (pending Snapshot to replace with Catjam)

danner.eth - 0xccC3330A95D9F83e2aFAA68911BB52468E2B26FE

ql-crypto - 0x385fFdc5cFDE800B3625A5a323a8b16677F044a2

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Voting Yes: Remove sunslinger from the multisig and add 0xBills.
Voting No: Keep the current set of multisig signers.


Based on my understanding, this vote can move immediately to the final vote and skip the temp check if there is no disagreement within 48 hours on the forum. I defer to @naan to correct any misunderstanding I have of the [Public Draft 03] MetricsDAO Constitution - Google Docs.

I am tagging @0xBills @Sunslinger @ql-crypto.eth @sui414 @chris.eth @j1mmy to expedite any conversation.

I would like to move quickly as we currently have transactions in our multisig queue from over 10 days ago (as 0xBills and ql-crypto have pointed out in various Discord channels)

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Strongly in favor, need to improve payment processing times!

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This proposal was passed on Sep 22 2022, with 10 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot