[METIP #8] Establishing a Statute of Limitations on Unpaid Rewards



Title: Establishing a Statute of Limitations on Unpaid Rewards

Author(s): ananth (naan#1447), danner.eth (danner.eth#7297)

Type: Social

Dependencies: None

Replaces/Amends: N/A

Short Summary:

This proposal will establish a statute of limitations on requesting any unpaid Metrics Participant Rewards and/or rectifying any improperly paid Metrics Participant Rewards.


Reduces long term administrative overhead and allows for efficient distribution of funds.

Proposal Details:

One of MetricsDAO core functions is to support the three step process that has been designed to get partners the analytics, tooling, and content they need. A crucial part of this process is rewarding the people that take the time to get involved in any of the steps.

While MetricsDAO is developing a protocol to automate this process, human contributors pick up the work in the meantime, and the administrative side of the DAO is often outpaced by the participants. As such, there are occasionally payments that are overlooked. It is not the intention of MetricsDAO to avoid rewarding participants.

For this reason, the Treasury team has:

  • Ramped up payment oversight through creation of the public Payment Schedule
  • Performed retroactive reconciliations to rectify any missed payments

However, MetricsDAO also needs to ensure operational efficiency for its long term health, part of which includes ensuring that our Contributors are spending their energy on high impact initiatives.

To avoid excessive operational overhead, we are proposing that a 60 day period is established for contributors to report a missing Metrics Participant Reward. The window will start 24 hours after the activity period for a given task ends, and will end exactly 60 days from that time. Any requests for Metrics Participant Rewards submitted in this window will be evaluated and, if necessary, compensated as soon as possible. If a contributor does not submit a request for Metrics Participant Rewards within this window, they forfeit their claim to the reward. The reward will remain in the MetricsDAO treasury for future use at the DAOs discretion.


MetricsDAO Payment Schedule

Voting Outcomes and Next Steps:

Voting Yes: Accept the 60 day time limit as proposed here and enact this policy starting with the set of activities that began on 11/1/2022.

Voting No: Send this proposal back to the forum for discussion

Is it worth discussing a 30-day limit (or a compromise, 45 days :slight_smile: )

As MetricsDAO grows and continues to focus on agility it seems to best reduce overhead and ease the administrative burden placed on the DAOs resources.

Fewer lagging account payables allow for cleaner financial reporting and modeling for long-term growth.

By creating a shorter “statute of limitations,” it encourages contributors to become more engaged and weeds out those who are truly passionate, boosting MTM retention.

I would be in favor of reducing this to a shorter time period.

I am going to update this to 45 days if we don’t get any more engagement over the next few days.

Planning to send this to temp check Monday with 45 days.

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This proposal was passed on Nov 18 2022, with 7 votes in favor, 0 against, and with quorum reached.

Results here: Snapshot