GJ asked me to propose this on discourse


I regret everything.

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@Sunslinger is welcome to commit to this based on some sort of voting mechanism.

I recommend doing it outside of the existing Snapshot spaces but we could support a new Snapshot space based on xMETRIC holdings.

I don’t think we can bind GJ to this, but again he is welcome to commit to it and a mechanism of social signaling could be used to gauge interest in his singing.


i think the important question is whether or not blink 182 is the best choice of song. Clearly having GJ sing has zero downside.

Only blink 182 songs are allowed based on GJ’s statement.

Had never heard of blink 182 before. Just started hearing it. And now i am so excited that GJ will be singing it.

i hereby vote yes to GJ’s singing session

LOL!!! When is this moving to voting phase :slight_smile: . Let us run a campaign and make sure we get this approved.